smartGreen – the building concept we proposed – result of our research

As a result of the research we developed a intelligent green house model equipped with  geothermal heat pump,  isolated according to the model of the Passive house (with an energy consumption not exceeding 15 kWh / m² / year) which we called it   smartGreen.
The smartGreen”  building standards are:
  • insulation is close to the Passive houses paying attention  to the avoidance of thermal bridges;
  • the boiler roo is equipped with the geothermal heat pump DIMPLEX Germany;
  • heating – cooling is done by T.A.B.S. system(Thermally Activated Building Structures);
  • cooling is done in the “passive cooling” system using geothermal wells temperature;
  • ventilation is provided with DIMPLEX heat recovery unit, Passivhaus certified;
  • shading system with exterior horizontal aluminum venetian blinds, electric ;
  • the heating-air-conditioning system is automated with the home manager comanded on  smartphone.

Our idea was to use the latest European construction technologies to achieve the smartGreen model and build on the guidelines of the nZEB (near Zero Energy Building) concept described by the European Commission in the European Directive 2010/31 / EU Directive to have an energy consumption ≤ 15kWh / m2 / year. (The Directive applies: starting in 2018 to all newly built public buildings, and by 2020 all new buildings built).  We do not use conventional heating systems (condensing boilers, radiators or fan coils). We wanted an energy-efficient house model, environmentally friendly but comfortable at the same time. We use conventional building materials (concrete, efficient brick, basaltic insulation and cellular glass). We want to be available as investment and retrofit costs.

The boiler room equipped with geothermal heat pump and heat recovery ventilation

Operating scheme  for the T.A.B.S. system (Thermally Activated  Building  Structures)

Mounting the  T.A.B.S. system

Ventilation with heat recover –  ”Passivhaus” certified  equipment

Insulation , foam glass and polystyrol to avoid the thermal bridges

Insulation mineral wool on the facades and polystyrot around the windows

Home manager –  comand on a  smartphone for heating , cooling , ventilation

Shading system with exterior horizontal aluminum venetian blinds

The ” smartGreen model is scalable for residential or commercial applications, office buildings, hotels, hostels. The T.A.B.S. heating and cooling system does not affect the structure of the building’s resistance, the pipes are mounted in the middle of the concrete slab in which there is no tension.