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European LIFE Project: “COOLING DOWN” – General Meeting Padova 2023

Termoline participated in the general meeting of the European LIFE project “COOLING DOWN” in Padova.

Project implementation with European funds: R&D, production hall and equipment

Termoline has started the implementation of a three-year structural research project and the implementation of a research infrastructure and a production hall financed by European funds and carried out through ADR NV for ~16 M€.

Ștei Photovoltaic Park

Termoline mounted and installed the panels in the Ștei photovoltaic park. The installed power of the photovoltaic park is 400 kw, and it will supply educational, health and sports institutions.

In-depth energy renovation of the Oradea Municipality Police building

The extensive energy-efficient renovation works are currently underway for the Municipal Police building in Oradea. A total of 88 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the 1400 m2 building.

Multifunctional educational center “Octavian Goga” Marghita

The construction of the “Octavian Goga” National College boarding school and the creation of a multifunctional sports and recreational space for the community of Marghita Municipality are in progress.

TERMOLINE has completed in the year 2015 the RENEWABLE ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER worth € 1,000,000, funded by structural funds – a “smartGreen” building where heating and air conditioning is done with Dimplex geothermal heat pumps  and T.A.B.S. Uponor (Thermally Activated Building Structures). The building has over 120 sensors (including geothermal probes at 110 m) and is subject to 3 year monitoring.

The concept : smartGreen” building

As a result of our research center, we developed a green building model, equipped with geothermal heat pump, intelligent, isolated according to the Passive House model (with an energy consumption of no more than 15 kWh / m² / year) on which we called it smartGreen.  The standards after which the  smartGreen house is built are:

  • insulation is close to that of passive houses with respect to the avoidance of thermal bridges;
  •  the building is equipped with the Dimplex Germany geothermal heat pump;
  • heating – radiant air conditioning via T.A.B.S. ;
  • Cooling is done in “passive cooling” system using geothermal wells temperature;
  • the ventilation is provided by a Dimplex heat recovery unit, Passivhaus certified;
  • shading system with aluminum horizontal exterior venetian blinds;
  • the heating-air-conditioning system is automated with the home manager.                                 see more …