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Heat Pumps

Why did we choose Dimplex? Because :

We are an integrating solution company not only equipment vendors;
• In the factory in Klumbach – Bavaria, it design, produces and tests heat pumps for more than 50 years;
• poductia is based on research and innovation, on modern technologies;
• Dimplex has the complete range of air to water ; brine to water; water to water heat pumps with powers between 4 and 150 kW.

Heat pumps can be used both for new construction and for the renovation of existing buildings, whether they are single / multi-family houses or commercial or industrial applications. We chose to integrate solutions with heat pumps because they are the cleanest source of heating and cooling and are energy efficient.

We have installed over 250 heat pumps both in the residential and industrial – commercial area of ​​high power (500-900 kW). We rely on the results of the researches carried out in the Termoline RESEARCH CENTER for renewable energy so we have gained experience in designing and installing heat pump installations of any type and power. If you are proposing accessing programs with European funding in which you want to use renewable energy we can provide consultancy and support both in the preparation of the documentation, at all stages of design and execution.

Dimplex ground-to-water heat pumps

Utilizeaza ca sursa primara (in circuit inchis) caldura solului care de la adancimea de 15 m are o temperatura constanta pe intreg parcursul anului (12-14°C). Sunt foarte eficiente energetic avand coeficientul de performata COP > 6.

Pompe de căldură Dimplex aer-apă

Utilizeaza ca sursa primara aerul fiind solutia pentru aplicatii unde nu exista spatiu pentru foraje. Sunt eficiente energetic avand coeficientul de performata COP de pana la 4,5 variabil insa functie de temperatura exterioara.

Pompe de căldură Dimplex apă-apă

Utilizeaza ca sursa primara apa din panza freatica subterana in circuit deschis. Ideale pentru puteri mari, in zone unde panza freatica poate sustine debite de extractie mari. Sunt foarte eficiente energetic avand coeficientul de performata COP > 6.

Dimplex - System ZERO

For applications where a heat pump can do all !

Zero emisions, Zero waste energy

  • It recovers the residual heat from technological processes
  • It uses at the same time several sources: air - soil - residual heat
  • Heating and cooling for applications up to 1000mp using a single heat pump

The only system with zero restrictions when it comes to choosing the heat source: outdoor air, geothermal heat or waste heat from a cooling system … At the same time, System Zero maximizes the savings made by running the heat that was lost in the past and is now profitable.

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Dimplex - System M

Is it possible a heat pump to be efficient and good looking?

Modular, Minimalist, Made in Germany

  • Work efficient up to -22 ˚C
  • Low noise - under: 27db
  • Not neet big space
  • Spectaculos design
  • Power 4-12kW

Do you want more than a heat pump for your home? System M is the solution then! Dimplex has reinvigorated standards in the field of water heat pumps. System M is a reversible water heat pump (heating and cooling in one equipment) usable for residential applications up to 300 m².