Ground-water heat pumps use as primary source the soil heat which from a depth of 15 m has a constant temperature throughout the year (12-14 ° C). Methods of using the soil as a primary source (closed circuit) for heat pumps:

  • GEOTHERMAL PROBES These are PE-HD or PE-Xa U-shaped pipes mounted inside the drillings with depths generally between 50-200 m, that operate in a closed circuit. The sizing of the field of geothermal probes begins with the thermal response test (TRT) the latest technology in the field.
  • GEOTHERMAL PILES and GEOTHERMAL SLURRY WALLS When, from a structural point of view, a building needs a foundation on piles or as the infrastructure for stabilizing the ground, piles or slurry walls are needed, PE-HD or PE-Xa pipes are mounted in the piles, resulting in a primary source in closed circuit.

Dimplex produces ground-to-water heat pumps in the 6-150 kW power range, they can also be mounted in a cascade to obtain high powers. These heat pumps from Dimplex can be used for any residential application, guesthouses, hotels, swimming pools, commercial or industrial applications. They can successfully replace liquid fuel boilers (diesel), wood boilers or conventional or gas condensing boilers.

Heating and cooling with heat pumps

Dimplex reversible ground-to-water heat pumps provide both heating and cooling of buildings, and this is done with a single piece of equipment. Also, depending on the application, we can use passive cooling mode – in this case we do not use the heat pump compressor but we use the soil temperature (12-14 ° C at a depth below 15 m). In this way the buildings can be air-conditioned at minimum costs.

Dimplex ground-to-water heat pumps equipment

The available models of ground-to-water heat pumps can be found on: