INTEVA ORADEA – fire extinguishing systems for production hall and offices 18.000 m²

In the INTEVA ORADEA project (production hall and offices 18 000m²) we implemented the following: fire extinguishing installation with sprinklers and hydrants, a diesel water pumping station and an above-ground fire tank.

PARISOT GREEN SOFA – HVAC production hall 26.000 m²

In the PARISOT GREEN SOFA FURNITURE FACTORY project, we implemented HVAC installations for production hall and offices 26 000 m², fire extinguishing installation with hydrants and TYCO sprinklers.

HELLA TIMISOARA – 270kW heat pumps

In the HELLA TIMISOARA project we implemented a heating – air conditioning system for offices – surface 3000 m² with 3 DIMPLEX heat pumps – total 270 kW.