AQUAPARK NYMPAHEA ORADEA – a 900 kW heat pumps system

In the AQUAPARK NYMPHAEA project in Oradea, we have implemented a heating / cooling system with 6 DIMPLEX heat pumps (total 900 kW) using heat-recover geothermal water used for heating the basins.


In the ROGERIUS BUSINESS CENTER project we used 3 water to water heat pumps DIMPLEX Germany mounted in a cascade – a total of 450 kW. Heating and cooling is done with Uponor industrial radiant floor system for 8,000 m².

MADRUGADA WINDOWS FACTORY – building production hall 12.000 m²

In the MADRUGADA FACTORY BUILDING project we implemented: 12.000 m² building on metal structure; heating – industrial floor and water heaters; heatinh cooling the offices – Dimplex heat pumps and heat recovery units..

EBERSPACHER ORADEA – HVAC for 24.000 m² hall and offices

In the EBERSPACHER project we implemented: air treatment with Mandik heat recovery AHU 35,000 m³/h; chiller 560 kW; Mandik heaters for industrial heating; sprinkler and hydrant installations including pump stations;

INTEVA ORADEA – instalatii de stins incendiu pt. hala si birouri 18.000 m²

In proiectul INTEVA ORADEA (hala productie si birouri 18.000m²) am implementat: instalatie de stins incendiu cu sprinklere si hidranti cu statie de pompare diesel si rezervor de incendiu suprateran;