Ștei Photovoltaic Park

Termoline mounted and installed the panels in the Ștei photovoltaic park. The installed power of the photovoltaic park is 400 kw, and it will supply educational, health and sports institutions.

In-depth energy renovation of the Oradea Municipality Police building

The extensive energy-efficient renovation works are currently underway for the Municipal Police building in Oradea. A total of 88 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of the 1400 m2 building.

Multifunctional educational center “Octavian Goga” Marghita

The construction of the “Octavian Goga” National College boarding school and the creation of a multifunctional sports and recreational space for the community of Marghita Municipality are in progress.

Mechanical installation Science and Technology Park Oradea

Mechanical installation works in the Science and Technology Park, a building with a floor area of 5,417.78 m2, have been completed.

Reabilitare termo-energetică pavilion administrativ Poliția de Frontieră Borș

Termoline completed the thermo-energetic rehabilitation of the administrative building of the Borș Border Police.