Termoline is general contractor for the renovation of the old Patria cinema that will become Magnolia Shopping Center.

•  The old building without insulation will reach a “nZEB” – near Zero Energy Building of about 4,000 m²;
•  An underground level will be built by underpinning up to -5 m depth;
•  Two levels and a gallery will be created by casting two concrete floors  and one intermediate;
•  The building will have an controlled ventilation system  with heat recovery with air handling unit (AHU) Mandik;
•  heating /cooling  will be done with air to water heat pumps – Dimplex reversible water with 180 kW power;
•  Floor heating and ceiling cooling system with gypsum plasterboard  (with Uponor pre-assembled 9.9 mm PE-Xa pipes).

Some photos of the execution period:

old Patria cinema                                                            the  new Magnolia Center

underpinning down to   -5 m depth

formwork and concrete