The result of the research conducted within the TERMOLINE Research Center has developed a swimming pool that is part of the ”smartGreen” concept. The major difference from a classic swimming pool (where the pool water is heated from an external source directly through a heat exchanger) is that in the case of the ”smartGreen” pool, the concrete structure of the pool is heated from a Dimplex heat pump by thermoactivation the concrete core – the TABS system (Thermally Activated Building Structures). In this way the water will heat up indirectly and the system has a high inertia being very stable.

In addition, this pool contains (as shown in pictures):

• insulation under the pool is 300 mm foam glass , 200 mm extruded polystyrene perimeter;
• water heating system T.A.B.S. Uponor (Thermally Activated Building Structures) mounted in the concrete structure;
• heating is done with geothermal heat pumps DIMPLEX Germany and de-humidification;
DIMPLEX heat recover ventilation with 95% efficiency, Passivhaus certified;

HOW TO DO A  ”smartGreen  POOL

digging and mounting the foam glass over the geotextile layer, then compacting 

the foam glass is covered with geotextil and the pipes are mounted

pour the concrete plate  then mounts the heating pipes on the steel net in the side walls

insulate the side walls and under the concrete slab with 200 mm extruded polystyrene

result – “smartGreen” swimming pool heated  with T.A.B.S. and 8kW Dimplex heat pump

   ”smartGreen” swimming pool