In the AQUAPARK NYMPHAEA project in Oradea we have implemented: a heating – cooling system with 6 DIMPLEX heat pumps – total 900 kW with 3 heat pumps operate in heating – cooling mode using 2 small depth drillings (120 m) and the other 3 use used geothermal water, used to warm up the pools, extracting the energy from it! Waste geothermal water is a free primary source and the investment to use it is low.

Project description:
• heating – cooling with 6 Dimplex water-water heat pumps – total 900 kW;
• heating – cooling inside T.A.B.S. system– Concrete tempering with Uponor pipes: 6,000 m²;
• fire-extinguishing systems with hydrants;
• pump stations for swimming pools, fire hydrants;
• sanitary installations, vacuum sewerage;