Termoline has started the implementation of a three-year structural research project and the implementation of a research infrastructure and a production plant for waste energy recovery systems from thermal waste water and other technological processes and the production of hybrid heat pumps with a power of 100-500kW, financed by European funds and carried out by the North West Development Agency (ADR NV), worth ~16 M€. The investment will be made in Eurobusiness III Industrialpark Oradea for which a concession contract of 13.500 m² of land has been signed with the Local Development Agency of Oradea (ADLO). This project follows as a natural consequence of the European research projects financed by the HORIZON 2020 programmes: BIM4REN, AEGIR and LIFE CET : Cooling Down where Termoline has been part of consortia formed by prestigious European universities and research centres for the last five years.

The project has 2 phases, in the first phase is financed 970.945 lei without VAT (100% non-reimbursable de minimis aid) part of the feasibility study, and design. In the second stage, the project itself will be implemented over a period of 3 years with an estimated value of ~16 M€ + VAT, consisting of the research component, construction and equipping of the research infrastructure and the construction of a production unit and equipment, storage and office space, for innovative systems for the recovery of energy from thermal wastewater with geothermal collectors and hybrid heat pumps, on a total area of ~5,500 m².

In the framework of the call “Support at the level of the North-West development region for the preparation of projects financed in the programming period 2021-2027 in the field of smart specialization”, organized by the ADR-NV: with funding from the Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2014-2020 Termoline handed over to the ADR-NV the technical project together with the feasibility study, impact study, business plan also financed within the project through structural funds.

The sources of funding were detailed in the competition and the preparation of the funding contract: the design phase is financed 100% from non-reimbursable funds, and the second phase is financed: the research part up to 80% from non-reimbursable funds; the construction of the hall and the purchase of equipment are financed with a maximum of 70% from non-reimbursable funds. The private share of funding is provided from our own sources and from the credit line already contracted to ensure the cash-flow fluidity of the project.