The KOSMOS marquises offer a modern design and high level of comfort, the fabric being protected when the marquise is closed by an aluminum box. They are designed with the possibility of tilting the arms with an adjustable angle being ideal for use on small or medium and large terraces. KOSMOS offers different types of marquises for a customized solution for your balcony or terrace. High quality materials, sturdy wind and robust mechanisms ensure longevity and a unique look.
– modern design and high-quality materials;
– wall or ceiling mounting;
– ideal for large terraces and balconies;
– strong resistance and stability to wind;
– High quality articulated arms ensure long life;
– integrated wind protection device prevents inclination;
– wide selection of different fabrics, available in different colors;
– at the closure, in the aluminum box, they have a compact and elegant appearance that protects the fabric;
– ideal solution when the sun goes down due to the possibility of inclination;

Marquise models


Marquises for medium and large terraces

MMarquises for residential terraces