METALUNIC si METALUNIC  S : high-class shading for your home!

METALUNIC represents an innovation in the field of venetian blinds are entirely metal, do not have a vertical strap and are designed and guaranteed to wind up to 100 km / h. The absence of any vertical strip and the wide gap between the blades allow a clear view outwards and easy cleaning. They are available in two models: METALUNIC and METALUNIC S  (SINUS). They provide optimal protection against rays and heat and the rooms with natural light can be adequately illuminated with METALUNIC blinds. The special, concave shape blades reflect the light inside the room to the ceiling without shining. This results in uniform room illumination. This particularly reliable sun protection system is available exclusively from KOSMOS.

Advantages of metalunic blinds:
– extremely efficient solar protection;
– improving natural lighting;
– actively contributes to energy saving;
– anti-burglary protection;
– optimal adjustment of light to darkness;
– creating a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms;
– harmony through functional aesthetics;
– additional insulation and hence reduced heating costs
– wind protection up to 100 km / h;
– great safety and stability;
– easy cleaning and operation;

METALUNIC – outside and inside view

METALUNIC S – innovativ system