The ventilation system controlled with heat recovery  ensures efficient room ventilation and at the same time save the energy for heating and cooling. The heat recovery ventilation system is designed for both new and renovated buildings. Fresh air is distributed through inlet ducts in rooms: living room, bedrooms. The evacuated air is extracted through the evacuation ducts from the kitchen, bathrooms, halls. The heat exchanger recovers the heat contained in the exhaust air and heats the fresh air and  filters the impurities. Tubes can be mounted in both the false ceilings and the concrete structure of the building:

Functional principle:

Dimplex heat recovery ventilation systems are specially designed  so that fresh air  enter the winter at 18 ° C. In the summer, ventilation equipments provide passive cooling : when the outdoor temperature is below room temperature (especially in the morning), it operates via the ‘bypass’ system, bringing air directly into the room without heat recovery, thus ensuring air conditioning.

Benefits of Dimplex ventilation systems with heat recovery:

refreshes the air in the rooms after a preset or manually adjusted program;
– removes harmful substances from the rooms and retains the particles of dust, pollen in filters;
reduce heat consumption while maintaining optimum temperature;
Passivhaus certified with an A energy class;
– provides room air humidity control;
– have a silent operation;

Dimplex heat recovery ventilation systems are a reliable and efficient ventilation solution with a high level of comfort for homes, offices, laboratories, cafes, restaurants, workshops, hotels.

Passivhaus certified: