MANDIK air handling units are designed for centralized distribution and air conditioning in both industrial and commercial applications. They have a high efficiency of air distribution and have air flow rates of 500 to 100,000 m³ / h. Designed and certified in a single frameless frame with custom-designed design. Characteristics:
– air flow rates from 500 to 100,000 m³ / h;
– complies with EU Regulation 1253/2014, ErP 2018;
– EUROVENT certification and the possibility of proposing in energy classes up to A +;
– the standard configuration – the intake and exhaust units above / next to each other;
– interior, exterior or hygienic installation options;
– the finish of choice by powder coating;
– on request – ANTIEX version for explosive environment;
– heat exchangers with high energy efficiency;
– own gas heating with powers from 15 to 610 kW;
– attention to easy access to service and maintenance;
– Siemens Climatix control system with attention to price / performance ratio;

AHU MANDIK – water heated / gas burner:

AHU MANDIK compact:

AHU MANDIK with heat pump:

AHU MANDIK built – up: