System Zero – Zero energy lost ! Zero Restrictions!

We present you the latest innovation of Dimplex: System Zero the first brine / air to water heat pump  that uses residual energy from industrial cold systems, industrial processes, servers … System Zero can heat / cool a well-insulated building up to 1,000 m² with a single equipment. At the same time it can also prepare domestic hot water in an external boiler.

About System Zero

• Brine to water  + air to water  heat pump  in one sinle unit:
• Reversible operation (heating / cooling);
• A single 60 kW unit can heat/cool building with surfaces up to 1000 m²
• Uses multiple heat sources in parallel: brine – air – water
• Integrates residual heat, usually wasted, from a variety of processes, for example: from refrigeration systems, freezers from commercial centers to cooling servers from a data center or any industrial heat generation process.


Primary sources for System Zero

How work  System Zero?

System Zero puts forward all the energy efficiency of the building. The advantage is that System Zero can switch heat sources or can use them in parallel to get the best COPs in operation. Heat pump automation monitorizes real-time demand for heat or cold and depending on requirements, uses what heat source to use. Choosing the heat source is done automatically without the intervention of a human operator.

Exemples of applications for System Zero – Zero restrictions!

Thanks to its independence from a single source of heat System Zero can be used in almost any application: residential, commercial or industrial.


Termoline has implemented the first System Zero at a hotel in the Danube Delta: heating / cooling, swimming pool water heating on  “energy cage” circular collectors launched in the collector channel as the primary source. Why System Zero? The collector channel is stationary, the water does not flow – if the collectors launched in the channel do not bring the agent to the proposed temperature, the heat pump switches automatically to the air-water system without affecting the heating of the hotel.


Logistic Center + Offices

In the case of a logistics center that also has freezer storage, we have a large amount of heat from the refrigeration system. This heat is more and more lost, moreover heat is available throughout the year. System Zero simply solves this waste by using waste heat to heat and cool non-refrigerated storage areas or logistics center desks.

Data center (servers)

For data centers, cooling accounts for about 40% of the total energy associated with server operation. Following the cooling process, residual heat is usually lost. Moreover, this residual heat is available throughout the year. This waste can be easily resolved with the integration of a System Zero heat pump. So we can use this heat to heat and / or cool the office space or to make a warm-up contribution. If residual heat is not enough to cover primary energy needs, automation will compress by using other heat sources, such as outside air or geothermal energy.

Do you have an application where you think you can use the residual heat from a cooling or industrial process? Do you have a residential app in which only one source of heat is not enough?

Then System Zero is the best solution!