Termoline team participated with the logo “Be green, be smart” for 8 weeks in the InnovX program – BCR Accelerator Scaleups Cohort 2020. With BCR as a strategic partner, and Microsoft, UiPath and Modex Academy as technological partners, the InnovX team uses methodologies from edx.org: HardvardX, ColumbiaX, MITx.

The InnovX Accelerator is an intensive program that drives the business or business idea, compressing years of learning from experience in just a few months! Imagine a unique business ecosystem in which we have constantly tested what works and what needs to be changed in the business. Moreover, we have constantly interacted in an innovative and competitive environment. Throughout the program, but even after graduation, I benefited from: continuing education, resources, networking, specialized mentoring and guidance, access to funding. Scaling is more than an ambitious plan. It’s the future! That’s why InnovX Xelerator has joined forces with BCR Business Accelerator to create one of the most ambitious hubs for entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. Success is based on the network of global partners, who are ready to provide proven tools to stimulate innovation for further development.